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      Greg began his creative life with fine arts, his career has evolved from a well-oiled background - graduate of Elam School of Fine Arts (majoring in painting) followed by a successful career in graphic design which included a 6 year stint in London and then back to Aotearoa. Keen on returning to his creative art roots, Greg produced a range of art prints in 2010. That much adored kiwi flavour emerged, and he quickly gained momentum.

      He was first inspired by his Elam tutor, renowned NZ artist, Dick Frizzell, back in the early 90’s, and a strong sense of national pride and identity has remained ever since. Greg’s work illustrates that pride. He touches on the obvious Kiwi emblems but teases them up a bit. Style and hues are tweaked and reworked, results are unexpected and intelligent. He shows us classic memories; summer roadies, riding bikes, hitting the waves, hanging at the beach house. Nostalgic, retro and cool.

      Commercial illustration takes up a large amount of Greg’s talent these days. He's probably one of NZ’s most prolific illustrators having carved out a niche generating custom illustrations for high profile brands. His work is all around us in the form of murals, packaging designs, billboards and magazine covers as well as featuring in nationwide campaigns for many household brands.

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